I woke and smelled the sun, the sea,

a whiff of blueberry and strawberry smoothies,

and is that butter souffles with salted caramel?

A fragrant note of vanilla, savoiardi dipped in coffee, eggs, sugar, cocoa and mascarpone cheese.

I twitched my nose and inhaled deeply – Tiramisu, one of my favourite Italian desserts in the world.

I take a bite, I take my time
I savor each flavor, each taste is so sublime
I close my eyes, I let myself feel
The texture, the aroma, every little detail

For every meal is a moment to treasure
A time to nourish, a time to measure
To be present in the moment, to feel the joy
Of mindful eating without any ploy

(2021 © Julia Delaney)


A catalogue designed for you to

savour the moment, indulge in the flavours

and soak in the scents of breakfast.

We hope that by owning a piece from this catalogue, you will remember that

You are here, available to life.

and life is available to you.

5 July Wednesday 8pm SGT

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