We are not going to lie. The fashion industry has alot to be responsible for when it comes to taking care of the planet. The greenest thing you can do?

Not buy any swimwear. 

But as we’re in the business of making swimwear, we want to ensure that they have a life beyond your wardrobe and never end up in landfills. Bring them on your adventures, explore new styles with them beyond the pool and beach.

Make memories, make informed choices. Opt for long lasting swimwear. Reduce plastics. We can all do just a little bit more, a little better.

As a beach lover, we hope that our love for the sun and sea will not be at the expense of planet earth. We believe in investing in long lasting pieces that will become treasures for years to come.


Our self manufactured swimwear are made from luxurious buttery soft fabric that will make you look good and feel good.

We are not designing for only one season, or making swimwear that will only last you through a single summer.  We are consciously introducing new designs at a slower and more sustainable pace that is kinder to the planet.

We take time over our designs, so that you will wear them over and over again. Our swimwear is hand sewn with love that will see you through many summers.

From 2022, we will be featuring our self manufactured designs in the new collections. 

In 2023, we also launched our first sustainable swimwear capsule collection – Rebirth: that is made of recycled plastic bottles.

Read our swimwear care on how to keep your swimwear in the best condition.



All our designs are carefully put together after months and months of designing, sampling and improvement. We believe in creating each design with it’s unique factor and designs that are too similar are scrapped from production.

To increase the versatility and mileage of the swimwear, we come up with multi-way bikini tops so that you can wear it with a refreshed style each time you pick it up. One of the crowd’s favourite is the Bebe multi-wear bikini set that comes in Honey wildflower and Tulip dreams, which can be styled in 6 different ways, and Kye monokini that can be styled in 3 different ways. Also a classic is our Willow multi-wrap that can be worn as a skirt or various styles of dress.



Brand tags

Our transparent waterproof brand tags are made from biodegradable TPU. TPU has a much greener manufacturing process and management. Also during the Nylon lamination process, solvents are not used which is better for the natural environment. It also degrades much more quickly and even when incinerated, does not produce fumes which would cause air pollution.


Swimwear bags

Our  swimwear bags are made from PBAT + PLA + MD which are biodegradable polymers. When buried in soil, they break down completely and leaves no toxic residues behind.


Beachme storage bag

These storage bags are used when you choose to minimize packaging. Reuse our storage bags. We keep them simple and translucent so that you can repurpose them to keep your belongings.


Ecofriendly mailer

Taking baby steps to be more environmentally friendly, we have transited to the use of compostable mailer. It is made with Symphony Environmental UK d2w additives and 100% bio-degradable. Read about d2w biodegradable technology here.

Tested to the following international standards

American Standard: ASTM D6954
British Standard: BS 8472
British PAS 9017: 2020
French Accord: T51-808
Saudi Standard: SASO 2879
UAE Standard: 5009:2009
Mexican Standard: NMXE-E-288-NYCE



Product cards

Our products are a testimony of the pristine condition of the swimwear which is an essential part of our quality check and return policy. Repurpose our product tags which includes a self love reminder and swimwear care details. We selected a thicker paper material so that it remains sturdy enough to be reused as a bookmark for your reads. You can also thread the hole through with a thin ribbon to bookmark the pages more easily.


Post cards

Keep our cards! Our cards are made from environmentally friendly paper. Stick it by your desk to always have a piece of the beach with you, or use it as a bookmark or postcard.



Swimwear care

Extend the life of your swimwear with the care tips below and it is sure to accompany you through many adventures to follow!

– Shower before entering the pool – your swimwear will absorb less chlorine!
– Apply sunscreen before wearing swimwear to prevent fabric decolourisation.
– Rinse swimwear as soon as you are back from the beach/pool to get rid of harsh chemicals/ chlorine/ salt water/ sunscreen etc. 
– Never soak you swimwear overnight as this could loosen the fibres
– Hand wash in cold water & gently squeeze dry to retain shape.
– Dry swimwear in cool area to prevent heat decolourisation
– Never let it soak overnight as this could loosen the fibres.

Alternate them

The key to making your swimwear last longer is also to wait till it is completely dry before taking it on it’s next adventure. We would advise investing in a few different suits to bring along your holiday.