As a beach lover, we hope that our love for the sun and sea will not be at the expense of planet earth.

Beachme Fabric

Our self manufactured swimwear are made from luxurious buttery soft fabric that is chlorine resistant and offers UV protection. It will make you look good and feel good.

We are not designing for only one season, or making swimwear that will only last you through a single summer.  We are consciously introducing new designs at a slower and more sustainable pace that is kinder to the planet.

We take time over our designs, so that you will wear them over and over again. Our swimwear is hand sewn with love that will see you through many summers.

From 2022, we will be featuring our self manufactured designs in the new collections. Our first debut self manufactured collection will launch 22 March 2022.

Read our swimwear care on how to keep your swimwear in the best condition.


Brand tags

Our transparent waterproof brand tags are made from biodegradable TPU. TPU has a much greener manufacturing process and management. Also during the Nylon lamination process, solvents are not used which is better for the natural environment. It also degrades much more quickly and even when incinerated, does not produce fumes which would cause air pollution.


Resealable swimwear bags

Our resealable swimwear bags are made from PBAT + PLA + MD which are biodegradable polymers. When buried in soil, they break down completely and leaves no toxic residues behind.


Beachme storage bag

These storage bags are used when you choose to minimize packaging. Reuse our storage bags. We keep them simple and translucent so that you can repurpose them to keep your belongings.


Ecofriendly mailer

Taking baby steps to be more environmentally friendly, we have transited to the use of compostable mailer.

It is made from corn starch biodegradable compostable material that fully degrades into organic fertilizer 180 days after natural composting. With no additional of traditional materials during the making of this polymer bag, this biodegrable polymailer disintegrates into carbon dioxide and water, going back to the nature after it has been buried for 3-6 months.



Product cards

Repurpose our product tags which includes a self love reminder and swimwear care details. We selected a 300gsm paper material so that it remains sturdy enough to reuse it as a bookmark for your reads. You can also thread the hole through with a thin ribbon to market the pages more easily.


Post cards

Keep our cards! Our cards are made from environmentally friendly paper. Stick it by your desk to always have a piece of the beach with you, or use it as a bookmark or postcard.