Our story

On to a new milestone:

Thank you for sticking with us since 2015 as The Dancing Jewels.

We would not have been here without your support.

Reborn on the shores of Singapore in January 2022, we are a full time lover to the beach.


Come to the beach,
where the sea is blue
and little waves come running to you
where the sun is out
and the sand is caressing your toes.
Such wonderful things surround you.

The beach is no longer
just a destination.
It’s a mood.

The beach in me

Discover the happiness within yourself and enjoy the little things around us. 

Beachme is crafted for the beach lovers, the one who smiles upon thinking of the beach, the one whose happy place is the beach.

Whether she is lying on the beach soaking up the sun, lounging by the pool with her friends, enjoying the sand between her feet at the beach clubs, or swimming amongst the fishes in the sea, she is happy to be in the water, comfortable and confident in her own skin.

Build your salty beach persona with us.

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