Ethically made

At Beachme, we aspire to be thoughtful across every step. Each piece is handmade by skilled artisans from the making of the paper samples, to cutting and sewing of the fabric. With your purchase, you are supporting the artisans and providing them with bread and butter.

Who makes your swimwear?

We work with small factories in Asia that hire local seamstress who produce their craft with pride.

The workspace is also well ventilated with sufficient lighting. Our seamstress are paid well over a minimum wage and are entitled to over-time pay. Should overtime work be required, each employee has the right to refuse or accept as they see fit and never mandatory. They are also entitled to year end bonuses as our factory believe in happy workers = good products.

The materials they use for their swimwear have been heavily researched and they are the best options available from fabric manufacturers they trust. We believe in spending  a little more and buying a little less.

Embracing the philosophy of #slowfashion, Beachme is dedicated to craft swimwear that will accompany you through many summers to come.

We hope that when you wear Beachme, you know that you are doing your part to contributing to a more sustainable and ethical future.

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